We provide high-quality electric-assist bikes in Albany, Oregon and surrounding communities.

Electric-assisted bikes have been around for a number of years and most play off old technology of poor batteries and front or rear hub motors. NOW, enters a new age of e-bikes that are designed by engineers to utilize the chain and gears to provide the best possible ride. The patented Bofeili Intelligent Crankshaft electric motor is the best on the market today.

You wouldn’t buy a car with a single-gear, why would you buy a single-gear hub-motor ebike? Use all the gears with the Bofeili design!

Watch the video.  Bofeili patented design video

The Bofeili Folding Touring bike is designed with ease of riding, compacting to the size of a suitcase, and gives the rider a three option experience. 1) Use the powerful motor to speed you on your way at up to 20 MPH in low, medium or high mode; or 2) share the effort by peddling along with the assistance of the motor in low, medium or high mode and the Shimano 7-speed derailleur; or 3) use like any bike with its 7-speeds and do all the peddling and get all the exercise you want.

At the end of the ride or on a hill, switch it up with the touch of the controller and a turn of the throttle. The powerful Panasonic  Lithium-4 cell battery carries its rider up to 30 miles and much greater distances on a single charge with the rider sharing the power by peddling with the motor.

Recharge in your standard household electrical outlet with the bike in the garage or take the battery inside and plug in to the 110-240V Smart Charger (great for traveling).

e-Bikes USA recommends that riders of e-bikes or e-bicycles be at least 16 years of age, wear a helmet, and observe all local, state and federal traffic laws. Be a safe and courteous rider.

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Stop Buying Gas
As the cost of fuel continues to climb and our earth is polluted more and more, we need to look to better forms ofStop Buying Gas, ride an e-bike! transportation, commuting and relaxing. Best motorized bicycle

Bofeili design - creator of Electric-assist bikes in Albany, Oregon

Fold It & Take It
At only 44 lbs. with the battery, you can put two in the back of a Mini Cooper with your duffle!

Bofeili folding design - Electric-assist bikes in Albany, Oregon

The Patented Bofeili Intelligent Crank-Shaft Motor
See why this motor is the best in the market!

Patented Intelligent Crankshaft in our Electric-assist bikes in Albany, Oregon

Use when traveling, with your boat, motorhome, RV. Cruise across town, or across the valley; commute to school, work, or play. Perfect for university or college use. Reduce your carbon footprint with clean electric energy.